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This article tells you how to choose bathroom hardware!

There is a saying in the decoration industry called “Golden Kitchen and Silver Bathroom”. I believe many people have heard it. Kitchen and bathroom are indeed very important in daily life, and to a large extent directly determine the happiness index of our life.

However, how to choose the large and small pieces in the bathroom? What pitfalls are there when purchasing? Today, let’s talk to you about the points to pay attention to when purchasing items in the bathroom.

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At present, domestic hardware is basically dominated by metal, and the materials are mainly stainless steel, zinc alloy, brass, aluminum, and of course some niche products such as wood, resin, ceramics, and glass.

Aluminum hardware is relatively common in China, and the general price is relatively low, which is often referred to as space aluminum.

Although aluminum products will not rust, because they are relatively dull, they will also oxidize and darken if they are placed in a high humidity environment for a long time.

It is recommended to use bright hardware, and the visual effect will be more advanced. Stainless steel, zinc alloy, and brass are all shiny.


stainless steel door hardware

Brass has the best electroplating effect, and is generally the material selected for high-end products. Zinc Alloy Second, electroplating is not as good as brass and is often used in combination with brass.

Stainless steel generally has two types of electroplating or wire drawing. It is not as thick and high-grade as brass, but it is cost-effective, mainly depending on the workmanship.

I bought a four-piece set plus an extended bath towel rack before, and it cost less than 700 in the end. The price is really fragrant.

Let’s talk about this floor-standing upright toilet brush. The cover is fixed on the brush handle, and it is also splash-proof when in use, and the inner tank can be completely pulled out for easy cleaning.



The two towel racks have little difference in terms of electroplating alone, with similar gloss and fineness. The longer one in the picture below is pure copper, and the shorter one above is zinc alloy.

Detail picture of pure copper model.

The design style of this zinc alloy is different, the overall sharpness is stronger, and there will be more connection points on the surface. I personally recommend the pure copper one above.



Tips: There are a few points to note about bathroom hardware:

1. The length of the towel rack and bath towel rack should be good, and the hardware is not a standard size.

2. Try not to buy a towel rack with two poles inside and outside. The one inside is basically useless. It is more practical to buy a single pole.

3. Generally, the recommended weight of the towel rack is about 4-5kg. Don’t put too heavy things, and don’t hang a lot of clothes or heavy coats, it will be broken.

4. If the bathroom is not ventilated and relatively humid, you can consider an electric towel rack to have soft towels.

Post time: Oct-19-2022