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IISDOO only produces high quality hardware products

All mechanical parts of door handles and locks have undergone rigorous wear tests and

durability tests of salt spray coatings, and have been verified by various

third-party authoritative tests

IISDOO got the Certification of ISO9001

Quality management system in 2021, in order to improve the production system and adopt a higher production standard.

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EN1906:2012 & Intertek

Third party authoritative test We had pass the EN1906:2012 Standards and got the certification from Intertek

childproof door handle

Internal Test Intro

NSS Test

Stable surface finishing 72-96 hours NSS test for normal

MSN, SBN, PC, Matt satin chrome, and Black finish.

NSS is the base of the salt spray test, it was developed beyond 4320s

it is a neutral test which means the test solution PH value is at 6.5-7.2.

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Cross-Cut Test

A cross-cut can be used to assess the resistance of a coating

to separation from the surfaces below after a cross-cut

has been applied down to the level of that surface.

Good adhesion is important. Because if a coating is easily removed

from a surface, this can no longer protect the surface below

from environmental influences.


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IISDOO, a reliable company

We have a laboratory with product testing machines inside, including salt spray test machines (anti-corrosion ability), cycle test machines (handle spring life cycle, mortise lock life cycle, cylinder life cycle), load capacity test machines (handle structure stability) and so on.

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Quality control in our company

Quality control for complete production line We have a 15-member QC team, they are

mainly working on different positions: after die-casting parts, after polishing parts, after electroplating parts,

incoming material, and after installation. We promise that we inspect the goods one by one, not randomly inspect the goods.

We have a testing team for in house testing every month



✔ salt spray test

✔ cycle test

✔ die casting parts testing

✔ Daily simulation use testing

✔ Cross-Cut testing

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