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Since 2020, we have invested over 500,000 USD

for Automatic production equipment.

Until now, we have sets of 6 sets of auto Cnc machine

2 sets of auto die casting machine, and 3 sets of auto drilling machine.

In addition, we also invested 2 sets of auto polishing machine--Mechanical arm.

In this way, all of our products could adopt same production standard. In busy season,

In busy season, due to automatic machines,

we could become a 24-hours factory, to meet the customer's order requirements.

cnc machine door handle
auto polishing machine--Mechanical arm
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auto drilling machine. door handle

Production Capacity

We have 2 sets of auto die-casting machine, vary from 180 Tons to 280 Tons, which can provide enough production capacity.

The opening time is 6 seconds, which is good for density of the die-casting parts. Polishing Polishing is always important.

We have our own polishing plant with around 15 experienced workers.

First of all, we use rough (big abrasive grain) abrasive belts to polish the “flashes” and “gate marks”.

Secondly, we use fine (small abrasive grain) abrasive belts to polish the shapes. Finally we use cotton wheel to polish the gloss surface.

In this way, the electroplating will not have the air bubbles and waves.


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