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Product development

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Competitive hardware is our life

Only we keep constantly upgrading , that we offer more

competitive products and win in the violent market competition.



Market research

Contact with market demand by sending

R&D team to visit customers for

collecting demands for new products.

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matte black interior door handles



Hardware appearance design

Designers visit design exhibition around the world

gather new concepts and become a reality

via developing new products.

3-5 products in new and unique design are launched yearly.

Monthly R&D meeting to manage the progress and results.



Functional structure development

Not only appearance design development

but also functional product development

including mortise lock, unique structure for handle, magnetic latch and hinge.

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Efficiency is Life

3D printer (4 hrs)/zinc-alloy prototypes

(3 days, electroplating) to confirm the touch and shapes.

gather new concepts and become a reality 30 days

for Mold building, in this efficient way

you can win the time and market!



Product continuous upgrade iteration

Although we are able to develop new product, we still pay much attention on existing products.

In our daily routine, products upgrade iteration is our important job.

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