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Door hinges in modern house design, you have to learn it!

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The door hinges that are often said in daily life is used on the door to facilitate the opening of the door. Speaking of this hinge, do you know how to buy it?

Although the door hinge is small, if you want to be sturdy and durable, you still need to work hard on the purchase. The hinge is mainly composed of sheets, shafts, bearings, and caps. When purchasing, you can pay attention to the material, appearance and accessories of the product.


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1. The material used is corrosion-resistant and the quality should be thick

When buying hinges, you should choose according to the environment and material characteristics. You can also weigh the weight of similar products of different brands when purchasing, and thick-quality products are better. Steel hinges are easy to rust and are not suitable for use in humid environments; copper hinges have corrosion resistance and antibacterial functions, and are suitable for bathroom use; aluminum hinges have low strength and are generally thicker; stainless steel is decorative and functional They are all relatively good, and are the products that many families generally choose, but be careful when buying products with surface coating.


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2. The appearance is smooth and math modern house design

First, check whether the surface material of the hinge is flat. If you see scratches or deformation, it means that the product is produced from waste; secondly, carefully observe the surface treatment of the hinge, and make a knife to see if you can see the yellow copper layer, or look at the hinge. Inside the cup, if the cup shows the same black water mark or iron color, it proves that the electroplating layer is very thin and not plated with copper. If the color and brightness of the cup are similar to other parts, the electroplating is passed. In general, a hinge with good workmanship has a beautiful appearance and small gap, and it will be more reliable to use.


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3. The bearing diameter is large and the plate wall is thick

The quality of the hinge mainly depends on the quality of the bearing. The length, width and thickness of the sheet are related to the bearing capacity of the hinge. The larger the bearing diameter, the better, the thicker the wall, the better. Pick up the sheet horizontally and let the other sheet slide down freely. It is better to have a uniform and slow speed.


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4. Identification of door hinges quality

①Open the hinge surface with uniform texture and consistent color, and put the blades together so that there is no gap and no scratches around.

② Open the hinge by 45° and place it on a smooth glass or board that can be opened slowly.

③ Open the hinge and pull it up and down hard, the smaller the virtual position, the better.

④Open the hinge and pull it left and right, the smaller the gap, the better.


Post time: Aug-24-2022