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Do you know what hardware is used in the shower room?

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Below we will give you a detailed introduction to the size of the floor drain. If you are also going to buy a deodorant floor drain, why not get acquainted with it first, so that you can better choose deodorant floor drain products.

1. When choosing, it is necessary to grasp whether the depth of the water seal of the product is as high as 50 mm. Side wall type deodorant floor drains, deodorant floor drains with mesh frame, and airtight type deodorant floor drains usually do not have water seals.


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2. For floor drains without water seals, the depth of the water seal should not be less than 50 mm in the deodorant floor drain discharge pipe. This part can be equipped by the deodorant floor drain manufacturer, or set by the construction party who installs the deodorant floor drain.

3. The height-to-width ratio of the deodorant floor drain grate can be adjusted, and the height-to-width ratio should be adjusted to not less than 35 mm to ensure that the floor drain surface level after the floor decoration is completed is the same as the floor. The anti-odor floor drain is equipped with a waterproof wing ring to better meet the waterproof needs of the floor drain when it is installed on the floor.


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4. The construction of the floor drain with water seal should be scientific, reasonable and smooth, and any debris in the drainage pipe should not be easily deposited; the cross-sectional area of ​​the water passage of each part should be larger than the cross-sectional area of ​​the discharge pipe, and the minimum net width of the flow channel cross-section should not be less than 10mm .


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5. In the wet area, such as the shower area, in order to better ensure smooth launching, not only can it not be hidden, but it must be about 10mm below the floor.

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