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  • Multiplitcity-C
  • Multiplitcity-C
  • Multiplitcity-C
  • Multiplitcity-C


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Model No:             B272-C                                                                          

Application:       Aluminum Wooden Door                                             

Main material:      Aluminum Alloy                                                            

Finish:                    Gold、White 、Black 、                                                

Function:            Entry / Privacy                                                               

Door thickness:   40-55mm                                                                       

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Minimalist Door Lock Design

Very stylish door handle design
the top selling product
loved by customers
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New Structure Design

Handles can be pressed when the door is locked, preventing structure damage when handle is pressed down violently.

modern lever handle with lock

Hidden Key Design

Keyhole is hidden in the handle. A key is saved inside the handle for emergency release.

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Press Parting Insert

The insert can be opened by pressing to prevent accidental closing of the door

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2mm Ultra-thin Structure

Rosette in extremely thin.

simple door lock magnetic

Decorative Piece Magnetic Latch

Magnetic latch with hidden screws.

simple lever handle with lock factory

Anti-Wind Door Stopper

Can match a variety of styles of door hardware

Same Color As Your Door

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simple lever handle with lock factory
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minimalist door lock for wooden door

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