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Invisible doors are generally wall-door integrated designs. The door and the wall are mainly designed to have the same

background color, which can be applied to various functional spaces such as bedrooms, study rooms, and storage rooms.

This can not only greatly reduce the cost, but also achieve the effect of visual neatness and unity.

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In order to meet the needs of people of the times, meet the minimalist home life, and

draw on the elements of Italian minimalism, IISDOO grandly launched a new product-invisible door lock.

With high-quality and strong sense of design, a door lock with “invisibility” can be used to match any color of the door

to ensure that the product is perfectly integrated into the space, truly hidden in the door, with boundless vision, and impeccable.

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In addition, it is also suitable for glass door scenes, breaking the application habit of single-handed scenes,

achieving harmonious coexistence and maintaining visual consistency.


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We have been operating in the door lock hardware industry for decades,

and have the ability to provide customized services for hardware solutions.

We have served thousands of customers around the world and are competitive in the research and development of door hardware.

Post time: Jun-22-2022