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Teach you how to identify the pros and cons of bathroom hardware pendants!

People pay attention to the decoration of the bathroom, which leads to the same attention to the bathroom hardware, such as door handles, door hinges, door stopper, etc. Understand the material of bathroom hardware, so that the quality and charm of your bathroom coexist.


Bathroom hardware is generally divided into three components. That is, the base (fixed part), connecting parts, and functional parts; one side of the base is close to the wall or board surface, and this side is generally not surface-treated. You can basically know what material is used just by looking at its color; the connecting parts are basically surface-treated, and only the following methods can be used; most of the functional parts are mainly made of tubular and rod-shaped raw materials , If the tubular object, its inner wall can generally be seen. Due to the different specific gravity of the raw materials, the weights of objects with approximately the same volume are not the same (lightweight materials go out).


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At present, the bathroom hardware pendants on the market mainly include the following materials:

Stainless steel (there are few such products on the market now).

Advantages: not afraid of wear and tear, no rust.

Disadvantages: single style, average workmanship.


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Copper chrome plating (now the market is basically based on such products, the rod is divided into two types: hollow and solid, and electroplating is divided into two types: bright and frosted). 1. Hollow copper chrome plating (mostly round rods, thick square rods are generally also):

Advantages: There are many styles and the price is moderate.

Disadvantage: Afraid of wear and tear, the best electroplating will fall off in a humid environment all year round. In order to lower the price, some small manufacturers have a very thin electroplating layer, and it will fall off after a long time. It is easy to deform, and the regular manufacturers generally do not have this problem! However, the tubes used by some manufacturers are relatively thick at first glance, but the tube wall is very thin, and it will be broken after a few days (it is recommended to press hard when buying, not easy to bend) .


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2. All-copper solid chrome plating (usually a square tube, and some have specially twisted a few flowers at both ends of the rod in order to prove it is solid):

Advantages: fine workmanship, thick plating layer, strong and durable.

Disadvantages: high price, style is not as much as hollow.

Aluminum alloy (or aluminum-magnesium alloy).

Advantages: not afraid of wear, light and durable.

Disadvantage: It may turn black after using it for a long time.

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