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Small knowledge of locks: do you understand the five parts of the handle lock?

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Part 4: Lock Cylinder

The lock cylinder is the main part that controls the opening, the heart of the lock, and the core part that can rotate and drive the movement of the lock if it is matched.


The material and process of the lock cylinder have a great influence on the lock. The lock cylinder of the mortise lock generally adopts the marble structure and the blade structure. There is also a blade structure with a hook, that is, the lock in the lock. The lower the opening rate.


The lock cylinder is preferably made of copper. If it is made of zinc alloy, or even aluminum alloy or plastic, the cost is much lower, but it is easily damaged. There is also a stainless steel material, which is of better quality.

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Part 5: Accessories

Accessories are the organic composition of a lock. We all know the truth, a dike of a thousand miles collapses in an ant’s nest. A small accessory can ruin a precision machine, and the same small accessories in a lock are also very important.


Big brands use stainless steel screws, which are of high hardness, durability and no rust. If they use iron screws, they are easy to rust and slippery. It is not uncommon for a good lock to be destroyed by a bad screw.


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The key is also a kind of accessory. We sometimes find that the key is rusted, or the key is bent, or when the key is unlocked, the key is broken in the lock hole. These situations are related to the material of the key. It is made of iron, without QC, and the heavy metals exceed the standard. Too much exposure is harmful to the human body.


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Really good keys are made of white copper material to ensure that the keys will not be rusted and deformed due to time, and the unique appearance design can effectively distinguish other keys. The use design is more user-friendly and prevents hand slipping.

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