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7. The door closer can automatically close the opened door frame or fix it in a specific position, similar to a spring hydraulic press. When the door is opened, it can be released by compression, and the door can be closed automatically. There are spring doors. It can ensure that the door is accurately and instantly closed to the original position after it is opened. Some have the function of hinges, and some have fire safety performance. The specific types include floor springs, door top springs, door slingshots, door stoppers, door chucks, magnetic door suction heads, etc.

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① Ground spring: Also known as the ground dragon. The equipment is under the door and window. It is made of gray cast iron, carbon steel, spring steel, cast steel, etc., which are processed into parts and installed.

②Door top spring: An automatic door closing device that uses the elastic force of a clockwork spring or a coil spring to close the door frame. Equipped with a buffer cylinder inside, which can greatly reduce the closing speed.

③Door slingshot: It is made of low carbon strip steel, and is installed with a low carbon cold drawn steel ejector rod, and the door is closed by the elastic effect.

④Door brake: A kind of simple locator that brakes the door frame and prevents the door frame from colliding with the wall. Installed on the outer lower corner of the door frame, the door frame can be positioned at any angle.

⑤Door chuck: An appliance that fixes and opens the door frame. It consists of a knife-edge base and a triangular steel leather chuck. There are horizontal and vertical. The base is made of gray cast iron; the chuck is made of spring steel, and the surface is blued.

Magnetic door suction head: The function is the same as that of the door clip door and window hardware head. The suction force of the permanent magnet is used to fix the door frame, and there is no noise during use.


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8. The window opener can open the ventilation window at a higher position by using certain equipment. The window opening implementation components depend on the width of the window, the bearing weight of the window opener and whether it has a locking function. The corner connector is a transmission part, and its deformation determines the ability of the window opener to apply to different window types and different installation conditions. The operating parts can be handle or rocker. There is also a manual window opener, which only needs to be used for hanging inner and upper hanging outer windows.

9. The door mirror is also called cat’s eye. Its function is to use the door mirror to look out from the room, and you can clearly see all the scenes in the range of about 120 degrees outside the door. Can’t see anything in the room. If this mirror is installed at the gate of public housing or private apartment, it can fully play a certain role in preventing theft and safety of the family.


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10 The handle is installed on the building door frame and is used to open the door frame. Usually the equipment is outside the door frame of the building, which needs to be practical, durable, and can play a decorative role. The handle has various shapes such as round handle, square handle, round tube handle and double row handle. Usually copper, aluminum, stainless steel,

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