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1. What types of door locks are there?

With the continuous development of society, the functions of hardware door lock products are becoming more and more diverse, and each hardware lock has different application functions. Door locks can be divided into exterior door locks (anti-theft locks), room door locks, aisle locks and bathroom locks according to their functions.

There are many types of hardware door locks on the market today, with different colors, materials and functions. Common door locks include exterior door locks, spherical locks, handle locks, drawer locks, glass window locks, electronic locks, anti-theft locks, bathroom locks and fingerprint door locks. Among them, ball locks and handle locks have the most styles.


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2. How to choose a hardware door lock?

When choosing a door lock, you should pay attention to the following aspects.

(1) When choosing door lock products of famous brands, it is necessary to see whether the outer layer of the lock body of the door lock is smooth and clean, and whether there are defects that affect the appearance.

(2) Care should be taken to select a lock that opens in the same direction as the door. Insert the key into the hole of the lock cylinder to open the door lock to see if the opening is smooth and sensitive.

(3) Pay attention to the width of the door frame. The door frame that can install the ball lock and the handle lock should not be less than 90cm. You can turn the door lock handle and knob to see if it is easy to open.

(4) Usually door locks are suitable for doors with a thickness of 35-45mm, and some hardware door locks can even be used for doors with a thickness of 50mm. The length of the door lock tongue should not be too short.

(5) Some handle locks are divided into left-hand and right-hand, so pay attention when purchasing. The way to distinguish whether the handle lock is left-handed or right-handed is very simple: stand on the outside of the door facing the door, the door hinge on the right hand is the right hand door, and the left hand is the left hand door.


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 3.The global’s leading door lock hardware brand - IISDOO


We are an international leading hardware enterprise specializing in the production of door locks and door handles. Invisible doors are generally wall-door integrated designs. The door and the wall are mainly designed to have the same background color, which can be applied to various functional spaces such as bedrooms, study rooms, and storage rooms. This can not only greatly reduce the cost, but also achieve the effect of visual neatness and unity.


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We have been operating in the door lock hardware industry for decades, and have the ability to provide customized services for hardware solutions. We have served thousands of customers around the world and are competitive in the research and development of door hardware.

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