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Do you really understand door handles?

There are more and more types of locks on the market. The most commonly used one today is the handle lock.

What is the structure of the handle lock? The handle lock structure is generally divided into five parts:

handle, panel, lock body, lock cylinder and accessories.

The following will introduce each part in detail.

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Part 1: Handle

Handles, also known as door handles, are made of zinc alloy, copper, aluminum,

stainless steel, plastic, logs, ceramics, etc. Now the commonly used door handles on the market are mainly zinc alloy and stainless steel.


 black bathroom door handles


Part 2: Panel

From the length and width of the panel, the lock is divided into a door lock or a door lock, so the panel is a very important

factor when purchasing.The size of the door panel is different. The lock is selected according to the opening size of the door.

Before purchasing, we must also clarify thethickness of the door at home. The general door thickness is 38-45MM,

and special thickened doors require special door lock processing.

The material and thickness of the panel are very important, the high-quality material can prevent the panel from deforming,

and the electroplating process can prevent rust and spots.


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Part 3: Lock Body

The lock body is the core of a lock, the key part and the core part, and is generally divided into a single tongue lock body and

a double tongue lock body. The basic composition is: shell, main part, lining plate, door buckle, plastic box and screw fittings.

The single tongue generally has only one oblique tongue, and there are two specifications of 50 and 1500px.

This size refers to the distance from the middle hole of the plate lining to the square hole of the lock body.


 Modern Glass Door Handle Lock

The double tongue lock body includes oblique tongue and square tongue.

The good lock tongue is made of 304 stainless steel, which prevents the lock body

from being damaged and has better anti-theft performance.

The larger the lock body is, the more expensive the general price is.

The multi-function lock body is generally locked with a door. Its anti-theft performance is very good and the price is very expensive.

The lock body is a functional part of a lock, and it is also a key part.

black bathroom door handles

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