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As a small element in the family, the door lock may seem inconspicuous, but it plays a pivotal role in the decoration design. Appropriate door locks will enhance the taste of the home, add points to the overall home, and ensure safety. So, how to match the door lock to make it look more comfortable? Now, let me give you some advice~


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1. White wooden door series

The overall style of the white wooden door is clean, bright, refreshing and comfortable, and has always been known as a versatile style in the market. According to statistics, about 60% of Chinese people prefer white wooden door products. The IISDOO split lock 209 series has a simple shape, and the bright chrome lock body has a delicate touch and unique temperament. The combination of the two can reconcile the elegant space atmosphere, which is perfect.


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2. Brown wooden door series

The brown wooden door is elegant and warm. It can be said to be one of the classic styles of the home. When used in the decoration, it can improve the decoration grade and highlight the small qualifications of the homeowner. The Yaris Runstone series handle lock has smooth lines and full of aura. The silver handle is matched with the brown door, and the texture of the whole home is immediately doubled. It is highly recommended.


3. Gray wooden door series

The gray wooden door has a very modern style, giving people a low-key and connotative charm as a whole, and is frequently used in modern home decoration and tooling. With the Yaris 208 series door locks, the colors brighten each other, and the chrome color is full of technology, instantly becoming a trend-setter of the times.


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4. Black wooden door series

Black, simple and generous, mature and stable. With the simple and smooth IISDOO [Dao] series handle lock, it visually presents a strong sense of mystery, irresistible high-cold style, fashion sense and taste are ready to show. The bright silver of the lock body adds a touch of jump and agility to the black solid wood door.


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Did you get the above tips? Friends, you can choose your favorite door lock according to different home styles! In addition, I have to mention that since 2008, IISDOO launched minimalism to lead the aesthetic trend, and has strong accumulation and advantages in industrial design and humanized experience. Adhere to the original design concept of door locks for many years, integrate a high degree of humanistic beauty and experience into the products, and meet the needs of consumers.


Post time: Aug-29-2022