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Bathroom door hardwares, bathroom interior designers love it very much

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Room interior design is a big project, but there have been many posts of house design tutorials that have repeatedly emphasized that the renovation of bathrooms and bathrooms is the top priority.

Why? There are many problems involved in bathroom decoration. For example, how to do waterproofing, you can write a small composition of more than 1,000 words, then the placement of the location, the arrangement of the water pipes, the choice of tiles, etc. may all appear a step. In the case of wrong steps, you need to pay great attention to details at this time.


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Especially the bathroom is a humid place all the year round, so the choice of hardware is a big problem. So, friends who have questions about home design can take a look at the following strategies in detail, maybe one of them can help you!

1. The material of the hardware

The bathroom hardware material is the best copper. Just remember this one. The hardware of the bathroom should be made of copper, copper, and copper as much as possible! Important things are said three times

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2. Hardware design

The hardware looks inconspicuous, but if you choose it, it will play a finishing touch, especially with the surrounding colors and styles. Some textures will enhance the sense of design and make the design look more in line with the decoration style.

3. Hardware coating

Under normal circumstances, if the surface of the hardware is very shiny and delicate, it means that the coating process is relatively mature. Bathroom hardware with good texture requires repeated grinding, polishing and dust removal, and requires double-layer nickel plating and chrome plating. This requires very high technology and patience, and choosing such bathroom hardware can prolong the service life of the appearance.


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4. The price of hardware

This mainly depends on budget and spending power. The choice of hardware is never only related to the appearance, but the experience of use after moving in. As long as the spending power is not too low, it is the least error-prone to choose bathroom hardware with a high price. Choosing a big brand will basically not appear shoddy. After all, the replacement of hardware is a very cumbersome process, and everyone will not experience too many times of decoration. The decoration of your own home must be quality first.

I hope the above will be helpful to everyone. Good bathroom hardware is indeed not cheap, but the service life of good bathroom hardware must exceed that of inferior goods. The cost performance is definitely better!

Post time: Aug-24-2022