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Model No:                                                                                                    

Application:       Wooden Door                                                                

Main material:      Aluminum                                                                      

Finish:                    Black                                                                               

Function:            Entry / Privacy                                                               

Door thickness:   38-55mm                                                                       

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Glass splint with IISDOO handles


The rubber strip is built into the splint, and the overall

structure is stronger. The glass splint solution is simple

in design and innovative in form, which is the first

choice for glass door users.

black bathroom door handles
Zinc Alloy Door Handle factory
wooden door handle
black shower door handle
door handle and latch



modern black door lock
interior door handle sets



60mm Magnetic Latch Lock

✔ Silent door opening

✔ Long-term using, cycle test reaches more than 200,000 times

✔ The adjustable strike case reduces the accuracy of the hole driving, and the adjustable range is 1mm left and right

inspiration comes from life

invisible door lock
black bathroom door handles
matte black interior door handles

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